Composer & Music Consultant


Hi, I am Sebastian Watzinger. I run my own music production and audio consultancy business where I work with startups, small businesses and fortune 500 companies on brand building through music and audio experience design.

I believe that using the right sound as essential brand asset is an act of courage and I am committed to creating experiences through sound and music to change people's live.

I am also the co-founder of Sonic Bunch, a music production company dedicated to game music composition and production music.


Featured Projects

Theim Advertising Agency commissioned me to compose music for this beautiful, stunning piece of artist Terracollage. The client Nürnberger Messe was very impressed with our work and uses this work as their      "Best Practice" example. Congrats to the whole team!


Lindt - Hello

Music Production by BLUT

AMOZ - Mood